Famous for its laidback culture, unique architectural buildings, exotic animals, amazing street arts, beautiful landscapes, thrilling sports, exquisite dining experiences and more to go, who wouldn’t consider living in Australia? Let us explore on the things you need to know and what you need to do if you want to relocate to Australia.



Cost of Living


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Facts About Australia

Cost of Living

Did you know Australia is ranked as the 14 most expensive country to live in the world? They are ahead of countries like France, New Zealand, UK and the US.

Despite being costly, Australia is still one of the most popular countries to visit and live in by many people in the world – which explains Australia’s rich cultural diversity.

Visa + Employment

Knowing the types of visas required and whether you need a job permit is crucial if you are considering relocating to Australia.

Find visa and job pass application a hassle? Not sure where or how to start? You're not alone! Click on contents regarding visa and employment to find out more.

Mobile Network Providers + Connectivity

Did you know there are actually only three mobile network owner/operators: Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone? All other mobile service providers lease service from one of these three networks.

So, whether you're looking for the cheapest mobile network with just the basic plan or one with high performance, fast speed and stable connection, Australia has got it covered for you.


Overseas migration has contributed to increased housing demand as migrants move to major cities for work or education.

According to the latest statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Melbourne and Sydney had the highest number of overseas migrants at 56,100 and 50,100, respectively.

International students, on the other hand, had an impact on the private rental market in these cities.

Interesting locations

From the strange Pink Lake at Port Gregory to the eerie outback destination of The Devils Marbles to an aboriginal experience at The Pinnacles, Australia is a country full of unique locations and unusual experiences waiting for you!


There are currently more than 50 banks in Australia and within these, the four largest banks have a nation-wide presence and offer an extensive range of financial services.

They are: ANZ Banking Group, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank and Westpac Banking Corporation.


Do you know all Australian citizens and permanent residents in the country, including those applying for permanent residency, can access the public health system at no or little cost via Medicare?

This helps to make healthcare affordable to all. Medicare has been in place since 1984 and is nationwide, available in all states.


Do you know there are currently about 545,541 international students that are enrolled in educational programs in Australia?

Australia has the highest ratio of international students per capita in the world by a large margin and have always been one of the most popular destinations chosen by students to pursue further education.

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